• Avondale Wine Estate
  • 2023
Solar PV Farm
  • Hybrid
  • Generator Integrated
  • Export to Drakenstein Municipality
Energy Engineering
  • Power Factor Correction
  • System Monitoring
  • Customized Internal Power Distribution Network

Energy Security and Lower Emissions

This remarkable project encompasses the installation of a solar array, a high capacity battery bank, advanced hybrid inverters and a customized internal power distribution network.

The solar array consists of 580 solar panels over 5000 square meters of farmland and generating 304kW of solar energy, two formidable 150KW inverters and a robust 300KW battery bank round out this cutting-edge installation, effectively enabling Avondale Wine Estate to operate seamlessly on solar power even during peak demand periods.

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Current impact / stats


CO2 Reduction


Equivalent Trees Planted per Year


MWh Generated

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