Our Offerings

Reducing CO2 emmissions, one solar project at a time.

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Bespoke Solar Energy Solutions – No Shortcuts

We never copy another client’s solution to solve your problem.

Each client has a unique combination of electricity factors: Energy Availability, Reliability, Cost, and Pollution Concerns.

Client-specific constraints, such as: Space, Timeline, and Capital Appetite also come into play.

We have the privilege to design within your factors and constraints!


Solar and Renewable Energy Engineering

It all starts with a good undertsanding of your environment and needs.
We design bespoke engineered solutions. We advise from years of experience.

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

Making industrial or commercial solutions affordable is part of our offering.
We facilitate 3rd party capital investment, so that our clients continue to buy electricity, without the need for project capital or a financial loan.

Performance Management

2Zero50 monitors the systems that we design and install on a daily basis. We assure that the installation actually continue to deliver on its promise.
We report monthly, do regular inspections and the required cleaning to have the system perform at its peak.


Our innovative micro-grid solution—a localized energy distribution system harnessing solar power to supply electricity to your community. By pooling resources and connecting localised customers, we create a resilient power grid tailored to your needs, ensuring reliable and sustainable energy access.
The perfect solution for property developers.
Energy needs span all sectors and industries.
We are privileged to work in a variety of environments.

Food and Beverage
Among others, we have tendered and won, designed, installed and monitoried a 1MW+ Solar PV installation for a Multi-National food and beverage customer.
Since experiencing our quality of research and engineering design, the same client has requested our electrical engineering services at their other factories.

Commercial Farming
Every Commercial Farm is dealing with the impact of rising energy pricing and the impact of load shedding.
We have numerous reference sites where a combination of renewable and standby energy equipment provide the stability needed.
Word of mouth carries us from farm to farm.

Business parks are prime candidates for privatizing electrical supply. We have sites, where commercial clients end up generating renewable energy on premise to the benefit of all the tenants on premise.
Accurate metering plays a significant part of these effective solutions.

We are working hard at securing our first reference site in this sector.
Although we are more than capable of designing an energy network for this sector, the right opportunity is yet to present itself.
Watch this space!