Our Approach

We take 9 steps with you to arrive at the perfect solution for you.

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Step 01 We get to Know You

It all starts with understanding what you aim to achieve.

Some are genuinely driven by the environmental impact of GHGs.
Some just want to see the end of Load Shedding.
Most of us want to arrest energy costs.
Others need to expand, but cannot, because of a lack of electricity capacity.
Most of us are driven by a mix of the above.

It is the combination of these factors in various blends, that make every solution so unique. We are yet to end up with an identical design.

We start by understanding your needs and motivation.

Step 02 We Research

Taking your needs into consideration,

We look at your consumption patterns.
We analyze power logger recordings.
We scrutinize your electricity bills.
We survey your site and consider your existing equipment and space available.

We also ask for copies of any engineering drawings that you may have.

Armed with all this information we get to start the next step!

2Zero50 Our Approach Step3

Step 03 We Plan

As we plan, we immediately eliminate renewable energy technologies that will not perform in your environment and likely components to your system becomes clearer.

Sometimes small electrical configuration changes or tariff changes can make a significant difference.

Due to our abundant sunshine, most solutions will have a component of Solar PV. Sizing a Renewable System correctly is not as straight forwards as you may have thought and design iteration is a common occurrence.
If energy storage forms part of the solution, the Solar PV array will not just supply your daily requirement, but also charge the energy storage.

If load shedding elimination is a goal, we plan for alternative generation capacity that can work day and night and could cogenerate with renewables.

Step 04 We Simulate & Design

Simulation and Design is an iterative process.

We adjust the size of the various components (within the limitations of your site) and we run energy production simulations until we are satisfied that an optimal outcome has been reached.

It sometimes takes hours to get the solution just right.

Our clients benefit significantly from our detailed design during this step.

The system fit is guaranteed and the performance risk is lowered.

2Zero50 Our Approach Step5

Step 05 We Cost

Once we have a design we are confident will address your requirements, we get on with costing the solution.

We compare Tier 1 brand pricing, we search for the most cost-effective method of implementing a quality solution.

If our client would like us to, we also assist in sourcing PPA (power purchase agreement) options on their behalf.
A PPA allows you to continue to purchase electricity at an agreed rate per kWh, from a third party who installs and operates the renewable energy system for an agreed period of time, before the system is transferred to you.

Step 06 We Present

Presenting the solution to you allows us to talk through all the factors that we considered in selecting and sizing equipment.

During this presentation, our clients normally breathe a sigh of relief as they become confident that their goals were understood and that they are presented with a technically and financially solid solution.

Normally our clients consider the project payment options (Capital project or PPA) or request small amendments in the system capability before they swiftly pursue our renewable energy solution as a project.

We typically spend between 20 and 80 hours of research and design engineering hours before we are ready to present.

Seeing that our clients receive invaluable insight and advice at risk, we keep ownership of our design, until we are appointed to proceed with the project.

2Zero50 Our Approach Step6

Step 07 We Assist Funding

As you move deside to move forward with implementation. We help arrange PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) funding, or assist you in your bank application.

A PPA allows you to continue to purchase electricity at an agreed rate per kWh, from a third party who installs and operates the renewable energy system for an agreed period of time, before the system is transferred to you.

Step 08 We Execute

If you are ready to act, a contract or purchase order follows.

The start of a renewable energy project is a joyous occasion for us at 2zero50 and we channel this straight into high-energy project management!

We become the project manager or sponsor for the duration of project execution, making certain that all the stakeholders (Suppliers, team of engineers, electricians, and installers) have an accurate picture of the solution envisaged, offered, and ordered.

2Zero50 executes projects by appointing the best contractor for the specific project.

Our core focus areas remain engineering design, project management and
system monitoring.

We have established trust relationships with solar and electrical installers across South Africa. 2Zero50 remains 100% responsible for the project execution, and deliverable quality.

Project Execution ends with a completed installation that is commissioned and proven to function as per design.

2Zero50 Our Approach Step7

Step 09 We Manage

Monitoring, Inspecting, Reporting, and Maintaining a Renewable Energy Solution is very important.

Unless someone skilled and trained looks after your renewable energy system, it will highly likely deteriorate in generation capacity without it being noticed for a long period of time.

We will always offer this ongoing service on all energy solutions.
When a PPA is selected as means of acquisition, this service becomes mandatory.

Energy not generated in the past can never be recovered.

Like all other engineering systems, renewable energy needs a little love, care, and attention.

Time to Celebrate

After all, achieving your energy goals is worth the celebration. It is not often that our commercial goals align with a good cause.

When achieving your business goals also means less CO2 pumped into the atmosphere, we want to be there with you, celebrating this win-win!

2Zero50 Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

We plan to help reduce greenhouse gas to ZERO by 2050.

While South Africa is largely powered by coal, energy independence and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are simultaneously achieved by implementing suitable renewable energy sources. By implementing individual renewable solutions, we all become part of the change, part of the solution. Change starts with us!

Discover our solutions2zero50 Terminology 101

Energy Engineering
It all starts with a good undertsanding of your environment and needs.
We design bespoke engineered solutions. We advise from years of experience.
Ultimately, great solutions flow from a greater understanding.

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
Making industrial or commercial solutions affordable is part of our offering.
We facilitate 3rd party capital investment, so that our clients continue to buy electricity, without the need for project capital or a financial loan.

Performance Management
2Zero50 monitors the systems that we design and install on a daily basis. We assure that the installation actually continue to deliver on its promise.
We report monthly, do regular inspections and the required cleaning to have the system perform at its peak.

IPP Independent Power Production
Not all clients have the needed space to install renewable energy systems.
We are in the process of creating an Independent Power Producer, that will generate green renewable energy and sell directly to the end consumer.