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Danie Rautenbach

Danie has been involved in Electrical Engineering in the EPC and main contractors’ environment for over a decade. Purely technical initially, but soon moving into engineering leadership positions, project management, and general management.

He is a creative solution thinker who believes in quality engineering designs and long term customer loyalty.

Danie personally analyzes, designs, and simulates all renewable energy solutions and will continue to oversee this core function as the company grows.

He has a strong engineering, business development and project management background.

Danie recently relinquished his role as operations manager at Devcotech Electrical Engineering to head up 2ZERO50, bringing focus to his renewable energy passion and aspirations.

Danie is a husband and father of 3 daughters, motivating him to succeed in turning back time on our climate. He is also an avid general aviation enthusiast, holding a national pilot’s license. When possible, he makes use of this license to reach renewable energy clients all across South Africa.  His dream is to one day fly around in an all-renewable energy aircraft.

Danie Rautenbach

Tinus Rautenbach

2ZERO50 was birthed from Tinus’ sense of urgency to act against climate change and Danie’s sense that entrepreneurial focus would be crucial in achieving both environmental relief and commercial success.

Tinus has an extensive background in corporate and institutional finance. He has spent 2 decades working for large financial institutions, the last 16 years being at Investec.

Tinus is a non-executive director and a strategic green thinker, invaluable to 2Zero50.

The impetus driving 2ZERO50 – “(Two)wards zero carbon in 2050” connects Tinus fundamentally to drive this company to success and was inspired by the book “Speed and Scale” by John Doer.

As husband and father of 3 boys, he is keenly concerned with the legacy of this generation. He has never been a person to let noble ideas and talk remain just that.

In the 2 decades leading up to the formation of 2ZERO50 both Tinus and Danie had been keenly seeking renewable energy opportunities and solutions. They amongst other initiatives funded Algae Biodiesel research at UCT, 14 years ago.

Tinus Rautenbach

Engineering, Procurement & Administration

Ben-Ernst Botha

B. Eng Mechatronic

Frederick van Zyl

M Eng Engineering Management
B Eng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Garikai (Gary) Mpofu

N Cert Electrical Power Engineering

Rudi Herselman

B.Sc (Computer Science)

Karin Rautenbach

BA (Law). LLB

Marie-Louise Rautenbach

Solar Panel and Energy Storage manufacturing partner

BlueSun ESS is a Company that specializes in energy storage and solar panel solutions based in China. They are world leaders in both these fields.

With an extensive solar panel and energy storage solutions history, BlueSun ESS started in 1983 with focus on the silicon business. In 2004 they started their solar cells production and currently they have a solar panel capacity of 50MW per year.

Their cumulative installation capacity is 5.5GW and they export to more than 170 countries. They have EPC Companies in Germany, Italy, USA and Canada and have branches in Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, Thailand and Ukraine.

They are partnering with over 40 renown international Companies including Solarcity, Solar World, Q-Cell and Tesla.

Strategy, Marketing and Financial partner

Saige Business Consultants is a Company that specializes in strategy development, marketing and financial management based in Paarl. Since its inception Saige Business Consulting has developed an enviable performance history and reputation for assisting businesses across a wide spectrum of industries to optimise operational effectiveness.

With years’ experience in corporate South Africa, Saige executives have accumulated a comprehensive and complete spectrum of organisational related skills. They apply their experience and knowledge to assist entrepreneurs, business start-ups, scale ups, and SME’s to review their efficiencies, reduce costs and optimise profits.

Why We Exist

2ZERO50 exists because humanity finds itself at a point in time that beckons change.
Change on a large scale starts with change on a small scale…on an individual scale.
2ZERO50 changes the landscape one project at a time.

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Why You Should Do It

2Zero50 Benefits 01
Become immune to load shedding

If important to your operation, we will incorporate into your renewable energy design a solution that will eliminate load shedding completely.

This will usually take on the form of an Energy Server and or Diesel Generator support.

2Zero50 Benefits 02
Control electricity cost inflation

Every unit of electricity your system generates is a unit less that needs to be procured from a utility known to increase pricing much faster than inflation.

Should you use a PPA to implement a solution, the cost of energy generated is linked to inflation.

In both instances, you are no longer exposed to exuberant and unknown increases.

2Zero50 Benefits 03
Manage your energy usage

Renewable energy focuses you on efficiency, first and foremost.

Many clients benefit greatly by having better insight and access to energy consumption data.  You can address what you can see.

2Zero50 Benefits 04
Switch to green energy

Operate knowing that you are not blindly fueling climate change, that you have taken a major step towards halting and reversing global warming.

You get to proudly publish key indicators, such as Tons of CO2 saved, or Equivalent Trees planted.

2Zero50 Benefits 05
Manage operational expense with a financed solar solution

A PPA (power purchase agreement) is one of the only means to add capital and infrastructural value to your enterprise without spending capital or adding debt to your balance sheet. It is a truly off-balance sheet project with real on-balance sheet long-term benefits.

2Zero50 Benefits 06
Leaving a legacy to be proud of

Thirty years from now, these questions will be asked:
“But what did you do to stop climate change?”  

“Were you not able to see what you were doing would have devastating effects?”

You have an opportunity to have good answers when the time come.

Start your journey to ZERO carbon emissions by 2050

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